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User Training Services

Just like any other system, in healthcare organization, knowledge is power. We know your clinicians are experts in their fields and they are taking care of their patients with the utmost respect and knowledge. Now your healthcare organization provides the addition of an EHR system, which is supposed to aid clinicians in their clinical practice however that is not always necessarily the case. According to surveys, most of the time, in-efficient patient care is attributed to not knowing and/or understanding the EHR systems and their workflows.

To increase patient safety and user friendliness of the system, it is always important to provide the best possible training to the end-users. Currently, training can be provided in various manners including eLearning, Instructor led class-room training, interactive training and more. At Aher Group Consulting, we are the best trainers in the market when it comes to targeted training. We work hard to follow the end-users and understand their deficiencies and create an optimized targeted training that will benefit them most. At Aher Group Consulting, training programs are designed to help end-users learn and apply the skill sets for their daily workflows.