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About Us

Aher Group Consulting; bringing a very unique consulting concept into the healthcare-IT world with three basic concepts:

We are fueled by a perfect mixture of industry experience, inspiration and ambition. Because of our many years of vast industry experience, we are able to collaborate with other independent consultants who believe in the same principles to provide the best possible solutions for our clients. Although our specialties are Clinical Information Technology related to Medication, including orders, order sets, ePrescribe, Best Practice Solutions, Medication Related Vendor Integration, and Reporting, through partnerships we are able to provide consultation in many other healthcare specialties.

Patient Safety

User Friendliness

Software Consistency

Why Choose Us

Custom Services

Your healthcare organization is unique, and our team of professionals will develop custom solutions that are developed to meet your specific needs. Our custom services may include the development of reports, Medical Logic Modules, as well as other services, maintenance and performance assessments. Specialty Projects We have worked on various specialty projects and were able […]

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Augmentation Services

At Aher Group Consulting, we know it’s important to have a knowledgeable and well trained team to manage your organizations IT services, and we provide a team whose performance and accountability are second to none. Our team of professionals will improve your effectiveness and efficiency by evaluating and organizing only the processes you need. Our […]

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Consulting Services

Our Professional Services Health care IT is constantly changing and Aher Group Consulting’s professional services will help you stay current and achieve the outcomes that will improve workflow optimization, applied technologies, learning experiences, and best practices. Our technical services including comprehensive and project-based implementation, along with consulting, and education will help you remain successful in […]

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