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Implementation Services

Aher Group Consulting delivers transformative EHR/EMR implementation services and solutions to any health organization to improve their clinical service delivery while adopting regulatory obligations and compensation prospects. As the global leader in health care consulting, at Aher Group Consulting, our consultants assist our clients in implementing, and optimizing EHR/EMR and their clinical workflows. Aher Group Consulting brings deep experience and understanding of health programs as well as evidence-based practices and technology solutions.

a. EHR implementation

As our client’s are using various EHR solutions as per their needs, at Aher Group Consulting, we have assembled a team of consultants with various backgrounds and experience from various vendor experiences, including Epic, Cerner, Allscripts, Meditech, Omnicell, Pyxis, Tableau and more. Our consultants are not only experienced in workflows, best practices, and optimized solutions but also in building EHR/EMR solutions for our client’s as per their design decisions. During the implementation phase our consultants can help with project planning and solutions building to use trainings.

b. Clinical Workflow Implementation Services

While working in healthcare for many years, our consultants have gathered an ample knowledge of best practices in healthcare as well as clinical best practices. Clinical workflow analysis and implementation are vital consulting services offered by Aher Group Consulting. Our clinical workflow implementation service facilitates organization to improve clinical workflows to become the best clinical practices, improve patient safety, maximize the value of their EHR and increase the clinicians’ time for patient clinical needs.