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Custom Services

For various reasons like out of the box EHR solutions provided by the vendors, time sensitive project deadlines, cost restricted EHR solutions and more various healthcare organizations opt for out of box EHR software. With out of the box solutions, vendors always provide industry-specific solutions to the customers. Usually, these solutions meet most organizations’ needs, but they are not efficient for their clinicians or best for their ROIs. In this situation, organizations almost always end-up facing unsatisfied end-users, losing revenue and making their workflows less efficient to patient safety.

On the other hand, Aher Group Consulting consultants have determined a way to optimize these EHR by providing custom solutions by using vendor available tools like Cerner rules, Allscripts MLMs and Epic workflow management and more. In most cases, clinicians do not always need the full functionality of out of the box EHR software or may need just a few features that are not on hand or readily available. For example, with out of the box solutions, vendors always provide all the alerts to their customers, but that creates a major issue of alert fatigue, which can be detrimental to patient safety. In this case Aher Group Consulting has devised a way to optimize clinical alerts by providing our client’s custom solutions and increasing the user friendliness of EHR and making it more efficient for patient safety.