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Project Management Services

Project Management plays a vital role in any project. Efficient and early project management leads to a successful project completion. As with any healthcare project, whether it’s an EHR project or a Clinical project, project planning takes a prime role. The first step of project planning starts with appointing a project manager from within the organization or bringing in an outside project manager. The Project Manager role supplies valuable supervision and guidance to a project. A successful project completion for any project manager rests on comprehensive planning and oversight for intricate and large-scale projects.

At Aher Group Consulting our project management consultants are the best, because we have many years of project management experience under our belt. We have helped our client’s through various types of projects including EHR projects, Clinical projects, Data migration projects, financial projects and more.

a. EHR Project Management

According to evidence and studies that have been done on EHR projects, having an efficient project management team with an experienced project manager in an EHR project has been reported to provide a greater chance the project will be successful. Every step of the EHR project is an important one. Some of the major milestones are.

  • Creating a Project scope
  • Hiring a project team
  • Creating stake holder structures and User Committees for the EHR project.
  • Creating a User training planning
  • Establishing change management.
  • Creating implementation plans
    • Requirement gathering
    • Design Decisions
    • Build planning
    • Test planning
    • Go-live planning

b. Healthcare Project Management

As it pertains to an EHR project, any other healthcare project requires a great deal of preparation. We at Aher Group Consulting, have worked on various optimization projects, Clinical Projects, financial projects and more. During our optimization projects, we have helped our clients with user friendly workflows, eliminating non-performing workflows, reducing alert fatigue, providing the appropriate information to boost patient engagement and experience, being able to focus on clinical practices, and reducing clinical staff’s technology hours.