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Optimization Services

Optimized clinical workflows in healthcare organizations always help organizations to guarantee the best possible care is provided to their patients with the best possible clinical outcomes. When clinical workflows are well-defined and well-documented for clinicians then the typical patient safety issues as well as bottlenecks that impede clinical flows can be reduced resulting in an increase in efficiency of clinicians and more face-to-face time with patients.

a. EHR Optimization

EHR optimization is the process that is used to update EHR. It works more efficiently with your clinical workflows and reduces the time your clinicians, including physicians, PA, nurses, and pharmacists spend on trying to retrieve EHRs, completing their tasks in EHR and it makes EHR more user friendly. This is a complex process, where Aher Group Consulting’s experienced consultants analyze the current state of your EHR and provide optimized solutions to our client’s. Our Consultants are experienced just not in one EHR vendor, but in various vendors like, EPIC, Cerner, Allscripts and more.

The typical EHR optimization process can be defined into the following steps.

  • Education
  • Customization
  • Governance
  • Technology

b. Clinical Workflow Optimization

Clinical workflows optimization in any healthcare setting is very important, it helps the organization to maximize returns on their investments by eliminating any useless workflows while utilizing all of their resources more efficiently. Organizations which use optimized clinical workflows achieve better results and efficient resource utilization and increase their revenues

Just a few of the clinical workflow optimization steps are

  • Define the policies
  • Avoid any deviations from the organization policies.
  • Standardize the workflows
  • Create an error reporting system
  • Create error avoiding systems
  • Avoid redundant or duplicative work
  • Create a training manual
  • Reduce patient wait times
  • Increase staff adherence to organization policies